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LAPPERSID Srl is specialized in ready to be used lapping and polishing fluids.07_big

A solid company based on a twenty-years experience of its manager and on its staff’s will-power of increasing. The awarness to provide our own customers with products and above all with a costant customer service. To furnish the 90% of home market for this company doesn’t mean a production target but it’s just the stepping stone to reach overseas markets.

Putting so much life in everything we do, allows us to be the partner of our customers more than a simple tradesman.

The main aim has always been the one to satisfy the requirement, of the bevel gear manufacturers, utilizing exclusively attested raw materials and adopting the same productive coscentiousness for the small consumer and for the big realities.

07An experience of over twenty years in those fields allows Lappersid Srl to take care various production requirements; as a matter of fact Lappersid Srl is in a position to meet, with profession and timeliness, the demands of small companies as well as large volume production industries.

Our products may be of water base type – Sidlap SWF – and of oil base type – Sidlapserie -.
Inside those two vehicles it may be poured all types of abrasive particles (carborundum-aluminium oxide-tetraboron-mb-rb and polycrystalline synthetic diamonds) in a percentage and of grit size chosen in agreement with the end user.
Our products are suitable for all types of lapping and polishing operations; from rotating mechanical seals to ball bearings to silicium wafer.

Lapping Compounds

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