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SidLAP is a product just ready to be used for lapping spiral and hypoid bevel gears. Thanks to its characteristics it fits all kinds of lappers, from the obsolete ones to the latest type ones:

Gleason Phoenix                                                       Oerlikon50                                                 Turbo Lapper 600 HTL


SidLAP has higher percentage of silicon carbide in the lappig compound than the percentage recommended by lapper manufacturers; as a result SidLAP due to its higher abrasive content makes the lapping operations faster and further more allows quicker set up of the Lappers.

Another characteristic of SidLAP is that when the containeris opened it looks thick but during the operation it becomes fluid; more fluidity in the lapping compound means less deposit of abrasive particles on the gear surfaces even on lappers without the centrifugal operation option.

Hypoid bevel gears manufacturers advise SidLAP:



Technical Data

  • No deposit of abrasive particles when the drums are stored.
  • Easy to be removed from the tooth surfaces due its washability.
  • Easy to be poured due its tight container ( 60 kg uncoverable barrel, 230 kg uncoverable drum and 1000 kg PVC container )
  • Sidlap is available in grit sizes from 150 to 400 F. E. P. A. standards.


SidLAP grit sizes


Normally used for applications where high quality in the tooth surface refinement is required.





Normally used for vehicle and M/C tool spiral and hypoid bevel gears.







Normally used for heavy duty vehicle spiral and hypoid bevel gears.







Uncoverable barrel
Kg. 60
Uncoverable drum
Kg. 230
PVC container
Kg 1.000

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