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SidLAP Serie


SidLAP Serie is suitable for lapping operations of cast iron ring seals for which it is strongly suggested our SidLAP 800 V 30 N (carborundum grit 800 particles premixed in oil) both for spherical lapping and lapping on a plane.

The advantages of this product are the consistency of roughness on the lapping area, the lapping speed process and the easy washing operation after lapping.


SidLAP Diamond

SidLAP Diamond is suitable for the steatite and alunina polishing because of the following features:

» Excellent part polishing
» Constant roughness
» Easy washing operation after lapping16_big
» 5 months lifetime (no separation of the premixed abrasive particles)

I.E. : All products are available with all existing size grit

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